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For the most efficient air-cleaning product at an affordable cost, choose the EnviroSept Electronic Air Cleaner.
EnviroSept Electronic Air Cleaner Cost Comparison

There is no better air cleaner investment on the market than the EnviroSept Electronic Air Cleaner! Its state-of-the-art technology removes more particles, more efficiently than any conventional passive filter, frictional electrostatic filter, or precipitator product.

The attractive purchase price makes the EnviroSept air cleaner the ideal replacement in your heating and cooling system. It saves you money, as it takes no more electricity to operate than your doorbell. Maintenance is simple and low cost with collector pads that are replaced only as necessary.

Compare the inadequate solutions of other filters!
Passive filters. These inexpensive disposable filters, purchased in hardware or a variety of other stores, have the ability to block only the large particles from passing through the filter. The limited success of these filters is based on the size of the mesh.

Frictional electrostatic filters. These relatively high-priced, reusable "tron" filters use material that is supposed to create a static charge when the air passes through the filter. Although these filters can remove smaller particles than the passive filters when clean, dust accumulation and humidity easily neutralize the relatively small electrical charge.

Electronic precipitators. These are expensive to purchase, install, operate, and maintain. These systems give particles a positive charged field created by high voltage wire elements. These charged particles are supposed to be attracted to polarized metal plates. However, as particles build up on the plates, particle collection capability diminishes. These highly charged particles escape capture by the plates and return to the air space where they precipitate out onto the interior surfaces resulting in dirt buildup.

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